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Free Online Introduction to Creative Writing Class!

There will be a series of creative writing classes that will be available on Udemy. The first class is Getting Started and it’s being offered for free until the end of July. Check it out & share the link with friends!

This first class is for a beginning writer who is new to Creative Writing or who wants to write stories but is unsure of where to start. Even if you are a regular writer with some core background knowledge, you may gain new insights about yourself as a writer, and you’ll definitely feel inspired by the writing exercises.

Additionally, all students will have access to the Love Notes & Help Notes Workshop where they will have the chance to anonymously submit writing for an in-depth review.

Getting Started Course Pic

Rising in the Writing World With Love Notes & Help Notes

To most people, criticism is the disapproval of someone based on perceived faults or mistakes. For writing and literary works, criticism should be the analysis and judgment of the merits and faults of a work. However, the connotation of a word has more weight than the base meaning and in our society, criticism is seen as bad.

So, I devised a system, influenced from participation in numerous workshops and the counsel of my writing mentors, which I call Love Notes & Help Notes. This system is designed to inform, to guide, and to instill confidence in writers. Here, you will find encouraging and instructional letters on writing: Love Notes & Help Notes.