Getting Started: Submission 2

Here is another story by one of your classmates. Leave your thoughts below! Remember to offer critical comments that are useful and helpful to the writer. If you want to see my critique and comments on the story, click on the attached document below: Submission 2

Random Tales Story

Newly married Ross was lost yesterday at the Shark a-Plenty theme park. He had become separated from his wedding party as they moved from the Shark Bay Chapel to the reception site. He was frantically searching for the Shark Bite Bistro, where he and his bride were to be entertaining the wedding guests after the event. The confused young man was quite a sight in the July heat, with his Blue tux and red, sweaty face. He looked so uncomfortable in the humidity everyone enjoys in southern Florida.

He asked everyone he saw for directions to the Café, but no one seemed to know. Finally an older man, who had been silently watching from afar, took pity on Ross and escorted him to his destination. His worried young bride was relieved to see him. They and their guests enjoyed the reception with wine and dancing into the early hours of the morning.

See my comments on this story: Submission 2

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